Psychological Evaluation of Ministry Personnel


            The evaluation begins with an email, telephone or fax referral from the supervising pastor or the personnel director of a missionary sending agency. Then the candidate should contact this office to personally arrange a time for the evaluation process. The fee will be paid at the time of the evaluation either by the candidate or the agency requesting the referral. The fee for a usual evaluation is $800.00 covering a two-to-three-hour face-to-face individual clinical interview. This fee also includes all materials needed in the administration of the standardized psychological tests. (Generally consisting of two tests, with administration, scoring, and interpretation) and a written report. Additionally, there is a time for telephone consultation between the evaluator and personnel director to clarify any parts of the report and/or to answer any questions.


            Usually, the evaluation can be completed within one full day (up to three hours of interview and three or four hours for paper and pencil testing). While not required, a two-day arrangement is generally recommended because the second day can be used as a feedback time for the candidate. A confidential written report containing the findings and analyses usually takes about two to four weeks to be emailed to the supervising pastor or the missionary sending agency.


            Upon the first meeting of the face-to-face interview, the candidate will sign an authorization to release the confidential findings of the evaluation. In other words, the candidate will be informed that the confidentiality that exists in this evaluation process is conditional. The candidate will be made clear of this point. The candidate will fill out a four-page biographical questionnaire to establish a written record of family history, educational and occupation history, ministry and spiritual history; drug and/or alcohol use history, family history of serious mental illness; history of emotional, physical or sexual abuse; history of destructive behaviors; and personal perceptions of strengths and weaknesses.


            The candidate will take at least one or two computer scorable and standardized[1] psychological tests. The results of these instruments will be used as objective evidence to complement the subjective-clinical findings for the formulation of the impression, analyses and the final recommendation. The report will generally include areas of strengths and weaknesses for the personal benefit of the candidate.


            After the report is forwarded to the supervising pastor or the personnel director of the missionary agency, this office will be available for a limited time of telephone consultation to clarify any unclear items.



[1] Standardized tests are instruments that have been normed and researched to establish a standard of reliability and validity. These instrument will include the MMPI: The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory; MCMI: The Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory. MCR: The Marriage Counseling Report (for couples). The latest versions of these instruments will be used. Chinese translations of these can be made available to candidate whose primary language proficiency is Chinese.