Consumer Protection

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Navigating the consumer jungle in obtaining services can be extremely difficult for a person needing mental health services for the first time. This section of our online service will provide some of the "ins-and-outs" of counseling to assist individuals to be smart consumers.

To obtain consumer information from the California State Board of Psychology, click here.

To verify the license status of a Psychologist in California, please call the Board of Psychology at (916) 263-2699 or check online and click here Board of Psychology.

Psychologists are governed by strict ethical guidelines based on the standards established by the (APA) American Psychological Association. Please click here to view more detail information.

To verify the license status of a Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Workers or Educational Psychologist please call the Board of Behavioral Sciences at (916) 445-4933 or check online and click here.

We will provide comments on what makes counseling "Christian" as well as the ethics of professional therapy.