Blatant Twisting of the Truth

"In Julia Duin's May 9, 2001, article 'New Psychiatric Study
Says Gays Can Alter Orientation,' Wayne Besen of the Human
Rights Campaign is quoted as saying, 'Dr. Spitzer is clearly
biased on this issue.  In a press conference last year, he
said he's against gay adoptions, gays serving openly in the
military and gay marriages.  He's a cultural conservative on
these issues.'

"As a fellow speaker with Dr. Spitzer at the press
conference at the APA press conference in Chicago, I was
amazed as Dr. Spitzer departed from the topic of his study
to proclaim his unequivocal support of gay marriages, gays
serving openly in the military and other pro-gay issues.
While it is no shock to me that Mr. Besen and the Human
Rights Campaign would misrepresent Dr. Spitzer in an effort
to malign his study and achieve their political goals, they
should nevertheless be held accountable for their blatant
twisting of the truth."

- Former FRC staff member Yvette Schneider responding to an
allegation made by homosexual activist Wayne Besen in the
May 9 Washington Times.