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Non-San Francisco Bay area referrals 

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Hong Kong area referrals

San Francisco office (see map)

Dr. Melvin Wong and Mr. Robert Brennan

220 Montgomery Street, Suite 1098, CA 94104

(415) 421-6848 Direct line

Fremont office (see map)

Dr. Melvin Wong, Mr. Robert Brennan,  Dr. Brian Owyoung and Dr. Karen K. Yeh

39785 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538 (Waiting room in suite 39785, Ground Floor)

(510) 651-8982 Direct line


Other reliable local Bay-Area referrals not affiliated with Dr. Wong's office

East Bay area:     Newark        San Jose   

San Francisco area:     (Ingleside-City College)    (Financial District)

Mrs. Mimi Leung Pang, MFT    (Cantonese-speaking)

   Fremont office   (510) 793-9588.  39785 Paseo Padre Parkway, CA 94538

Mrs. Nancy Shibata, MFT (English-speaking only)

    Fremont: (510) 794-6020    39013 Sundale Drive, Fremont, CA  94538

Mrs. Shu Pang, MFT (Cantonese and Mandarin speaking)

    San Jose:    (408) 253-9505    7246 Sharon Drive, Suite K, San Jose, CA  95129

Dr. Sam Leong, Ph.D., MFT (English-speaking)

    San Francisco:    (415) 764-0252    2325 Ocean Avenue, Suite 23-45, San Francisco, CA  94127

Dr. Amy Watt, Ph.D. (Cantonese-speaking)

    San Francisco:    (415) 434-3720   220 Montgomery Street, Suite 1098, San Francisco, CA  94104

Mrs. Winnis Chiang, MFT (Cantonese and Mandarin speaking)

    (925) 806-8600 E-Mail her by clicking here

     San Ramon: 9 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 201, CA 94583
     Fremont office 39785 Paseo Padre Parkway, CA 94538

Transformed Image Men's group for strugglers of Same-Sex Attracted in San Jose, California