General Referrals

National Association for the Mentally Ill, California

This is a free service for mental-health consumers searching for a reliable therapist in various areas of the world.

Initially, we will provide local (San Francisco bay area) referrals. We will include word-wide referral services later. Limited referrals in Hong Kong is available at this time.

The local referrals will be drawn from a list of mental health professionals who are committed to our Statement of Faith as well as a qualified Christian professional with an ethic personal ministry record.

Non-local referrals are divided into three sections

Section one will be of professionals that our staff at would recommend.

Section two will be drawn from the membership lists of AACC American Association of Christian Counselors or  CAPS Christian Association for Psychological Studies.

Section three will be drawn from the referral list of Chinese speaking mental health professionals at CFFC Chinese Family For Christ.

For referrals of professional services specializing in unwanted homosexuality within North America, please call NARTH at (818) 789-4440 or fax (818) 789-6452. You may also go to their website  to browse, there are some good literature and information.

For referrals of non-professional services specializing in unwanted homosexuality outside North America, please visit Exodus International's referral website or calling Exodus' Headquarter in Toronto.

There is a well established ministry in Singapore called Choices, click here to go to their website.

Out of Egypt, XJ辅导协N  is an Exodus International ministry in Taipei, Taiwan. The Ministry director is Ms. Jenny Li, her secretary who reads some English is Wanjin, (Janice) she is available by email. Click here to send an email. The address and telephone number: 1/F, No.4, Lane 129, Yanji St., Da-an District Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. (Address in traditional Chinese: xWx_ 234 éMlF 4-96 ). Telephone number (02) 2231-2823. Facsimile: (02) 2926-1330.

͹w MuqܡG(02)8773-5023
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In Hong Kong, please contact: New Creation Association syH|

New Creation Association }G  lHa}: EslFlc72034 

                                                                                                    q:  (852) 8103 8010  ǯu:  (852) 3542 9642


For Crisis Pregnancy (Pro-Life, Pro-Child, Pro-Woman) services for Pregnancy counseling and Post-Abortion counseling:

Ray of Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center                Click here to send an email    24-hourr Help Line: 886-6-2516061
Taiwan National Office tel. : 886-6-2516053
                    24 hr Help Line: 886-6-2516061
Taipei Office tel. : 886-2-2327-8660
               Address: 106O_}{1828

Coming soon: website which will contain available information in the Far East of Exodus and related ministries..